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To unpathed waters,
to undreamed shores.

The Winter’s tale


The sea has long been a source of inspiration for song, for poetry, or folklore. We gaze into, across or beyond the depths and are often give moment: to reflect what we see.

The ocean’s creatures, particularly the whale also (nudge) our creativity.  Artists and especially photographers await the right moment to capture on canvas or film, the impressive displays of the ocean’s acrobats – The humpback whale.

We at the PMMC have enjoyed hearing the stories of those who are excited to share their “moments” on the sea, among the whales. This web page is offered to those who wish to share their moment.

"As the whale is great, so to cherish it can be proof of our greatness.

Meanwhile, and for a little longer, the great whale glides through the sea, feeling its vibrations and reading its meaning by senses it has gained through eons of time. Had the whale been created only to deepen our sense of wonder, that were enough, for it is imagination that makes us human."

Dr. Victor B. Scheffer
Year of the Whale

You are welcome to email us with your story, your poems, or photographs for inclusion on this site. We will try to be faithful to your presentation, but space and syntax may require some license in editing. You will have the final approval of what will be posted.


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