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Education Program

The members of the PMMC Board of Directors believe that education can enhance environmental and ecosystem awareness and appreciation for the ocean’s creatures.  We believe we can be a depository for accumulating data developed by marine researchers. We believe also, that we can be a source for the dissemination of this information to the general public. Access will be attained through our on-line services, through education programs and to visitors and travelers.

The education program we envision has three components. One focuses on public education both in and out of Petersburg. The second focus is for expanded educational opportunities for our students; the third focuses on development of a curriculum for teacher professional development.

As alluded to earlier, we have already created linkage with marine biologists and other researchers who are studying in this vicinity. It is our goal to include Petersburg students in the field of research as well as recording, interpreting and disseminating data. Independent and/or group projects can be developed. We believe that certain of these students could participate in education programs and presentations meant to enlighten the traveling public and local citizens.

Educators are required by licensing laws in each state to update their teaching certificates. Sometimes called recency requirements, these course are meant to enhance professional development in teaching majors. Many teachers wait for the summer to meet these requirements and some travel good distances to attend classes, workshops and seminars in their areas of specialties.

Working with Alaska’s University System, we believe we can attract this sector of the public. We will prepare a course of students and experiences for professional educators to advance in their fields. Our public school system has received national recognition and has long been respected in the state. Combining local educators with researchers and the University system, though challenging, is doable.


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