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Education Links

Here are a few links to organizations with more information on marine mammals.

Marine Mammal Organizations
  NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service
NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries service website contains credible information about all sorts of marine life, aquaculture, conservation, legislation, etc.
  National Marine Mammal Lab - Humpback Page
This website contains detailed information about humpback whales.  This includes habitat, population, identification, sensory information, diet, breeding, life cycle, and reference to additional sources.  There are also several good pictures on the site, but don’t forget to site where you got them!
  Cetacean Society International
This site contains information and photos that can be used in an educational presentation report.
  National Marine Mammal Laboratory
National Marine Mammal Laboratory, sponsored by NOAA, contains a wide range of information about marine mammals, marine ecosystems, legislation, research, and more!  On the website is links to additional information.
  National Marine Mammal Laboratory - Education Pages
You can search their databases for any particular marine animal or group of marine animals.  It is constantly being updated and though not entirely completed contains a large amount of information and links to look through.
  The Marine Mammals Center
The Marine Mammal Center website contains large amounts of information about different types of marine mammals. 

Humpback Whales
  PBS Nature Series Humpback Whales Show
Nature has provided this amazing website that contains general information about humpback as well as video footage of bubble net feeding.

Non-profit Organization for Research and Eduction About Whales and Dolphins
The site is for the non-profit organization, The Oceania Project.  Their site contains several links and by clicking “education” one can go to another page containing links to multiple informative sites on humpback whales that cover the whole life cycle of the humpback.  This is general information and you may also want to look at the references section to find the primary articles to correctly reference the information.


Bubble Feeding and CritterCam
This website contains an article by naturalist Fred Sharpe and his research about humpback whales.   Printed by National Geographic News on Jan. 16, 2004 it describes research about bubble feeding, and the use of a crittercam (camera connected to marine animal).


National Geographic
From this site you can search for articles and research about marine mammals.  There was specifically information about the “crittercam”, a camera that is attached to the whale to obtain underwater information.


Cornell University Bioacoustics Research Program
If you are interested in looking at and listening to humpback vocalizations, this website contains information about their calls, recordings, and contains links to several different primary article sites.


Jupiter Research Foundation
The site also has several humpback vocalizations that compare the winter and summer vocalizations.  It also explains how they are getting the vocalizations and describes the listening stations that are used from Alaska and Hawaii.


North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium
This website has information on orca whales.  The lower half of the page has links to PDF files of recent articles of research on orca vocalization behavior, population, and predation.

Steller Sea Lions

The behaviour@sea Project
Information about why the Steller sea lions populations were declining in the western Alaska coast.  Also talks about what research is being conducted to determine the cause of this decline.  This introduces the “Behavior @ Sea” project.


North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium
The North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium website contains vast amounts of current Steller sea lion research, many of which are put up in a printable pdf file.  It also contains general information about Steller sea lions, as well as links to additional sites. This link information about current research in Steller sea lion research, looking at open water research.


Stellar Sea Lion Field Research in SE Alaska
This page of the North Pacific Universities Marine Mammal Research Consortium website contains continually updated information on the research that is being conducted at the Brother’s Islands north of Petersburg.

Harbor Seals


Alaska Department of Fish and Game
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has developed many pages of information on marine mammals.  This site quickly jumps you to a page on harbor seals and contains general information about their appearance, habitat, feeding, breeding, etc.

All For the Kids

This fun filled site is a page from Ecokids and allows for you to look at environmental issues as well as wild life by looking at “mammals” under the “wildlife” link, you are able to gain general information about whales.

  Find a good website on marine mammals? E-mail them to us at and we will see if it is appropriate for us to add it to our links list.



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